Artisano Café Card Terms and Conditions

Terms of Use Agreement

IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ: The following agreement describes the terms and conditions that apply to the pre-paid account and rewards account of your Artisano Café Card in Canada between you and The Artisano Bakery Café Limited, which carries on business through its affiliates and franchisees as Artisano Bakery Café (hereafter collectively, “Artisano Bakery Café”).
By using your Artisano Café Card, you agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement. Please keep a copy of this agreement for your records. The terms and conditions of this agreement will govern the use of the Artisano Café Card by you or anyone else who holds or uses the Artisano Café Card.



Quick Pay and Gift Cards (See Rewards section for Reward use)

About Your Artisano Café Card Quick Pay or Gift Card Account:

Artisano Bakery Café Purchases Only

The Artisano Café Card allows you to load a dollar value on to your Artisano Café Card for future purchases at participating Artisano Bakery Café restaurants. The dollar value that you load onto your Artisano Café Card is a pre-payment only for the goods and services at participating Artisano Bakery Café restaurants. No credit card, credit line, overdraft protection, or deposit account is associated with an Artisano Café Card. Unless otherwise required by law or permitted by this agreement, any amount on your Artisano Café Card is non-refundable and may not be redeemed for cash at Artisano Bakery Café restaurants. No interest, dividends, or any other earnings on funds deposited onto an Artisano Café Card will accrue or be paid or credited to you by Artisano Bakery Café. The value associated with the Artisano Café Card is not insured by either the Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC). Use of Artisano Café Card is limited to participating Artisano Bakery Café locations. We reserve the right not to accept, load, re-load or re-issue any Artisano Café Card or otherwise limit the use of an Artisano Café Card if we reasonably believe that the use is unauthorized, fraudulent, or otherwise unlawful.

Registering Your Card

Once you have purchased your Artisano Café Card, you can register it online in order to access the additional features of the Artisano Café Card program such as protecting your balance on your card from loss or theft (see details below).

Loading and Reloading Value on Your Card

You can load (or reload) a dollar value on the Artisano Café Card at participating Artisano Bakery Café restaurants using cash, an approved credit card or debit card (where available). All Artisano Café Cards must be activated at a participating restaurant (no activation can take place online). The loaded amount will appear on your Artisano Café Card immediately. Currently, at restaurant level, you may load a minimum of $5.00 to a maximum of $100.00 worth of value to your Artisano Café Card. Artisano Bakery Café may change the maximum or minimum amount that may be loaded onto your Artisano Café Card at any time in its sole discretion, and we will post such changes online.
All amounts loaded onto your Artisano Café Card are held and denominated in Canadian currency.

Automatic Reload

This option is not available. You must reload your card at a participating Artisano Bakery Café.

Fees and Expiration of Card Balances

Artisano Bakery Café does not charge any fees for the issuance, activation, or use of your Artisano Café Card and your Artisano Café Card has no expiration date. Artisano Café Cards with a zero balance will be deactivated after 18 months from the date of last use. Artisano Café Cards that have not been active for 18 months will have any point balance removed and deemed null and void.

Receipts and Statements

Cardholders are not sent statements of itemized transactions from an Artisano Café Card account. You can check the balance of your Artisano Café Card in restaurant or online at our website. You can review the most recent transactions on your registered Artisano Café Card at our website . The account balance for an Artisano Café Card also will appear on separate receipt from a point-of-sale register. When you use your Artisano Café Card, you will be offered a receipt but will not be asked to sign the receipt. The receipt will indicate that the purchase was made using an Artisano Café Card and will provide the remaining balance of your Artisano Café Card. You should retain your receipts from each transaction in order to ensure that your account balance is correct. You will need to produce your receipt in the event of a balance dispute.

Billing Errors, Corrections

We reserve the right to correct the balance of your Artisano Café Card account if we believe that a clerical, billing or accounting error occurred. We shall have no liability for any billing error unless you provide us notice within sixty (60) days of the date of the transaction in question. You should monitor your transactions and account balances closely.

Liability for Unauthorized Transactions

Because your Artisano Café Card is used like cash for purchases from Artisano Bakery Café, you are responsible for all transactions associated with your Artisano Café Card, including unauthorized transactions. However, if your registered Artisano Café Card is lost, stolen, or destroyed, it can be replaced with the balance remaining on it, but only if you have registered with us. If your Artisano Café Card becomes lost, stolen or damaged, you should contact us immediately by calling 416-233-6300 .You must provide your card number and you will be asked certain questions concerning recent activity on your account. Registered card owners can access this information from our website. Your Artisano Café Card balance is only protected from the point in time you notify us that your Artisano Café Card is missing and we are able to verify ownership of the card. We will freeze the remaining balance on your Artisano Café Card at the time you notify us and will load that remaining balance on a replacement Artisano Café Card. Replacement cards must be picked up in-store as arranged at time of notification. We will do our best replace your card as quickly as possible but please allow 2-4 weeks.

Artisano Café Card Rewards Program

Program Overview
Reward Levels
Redeeming the Reward Voucher
Current Artisano Bakery Café Card holders

Program Overview

These terms and conditions govern the Artisano Café Card Rewards program. By registering your Artisano Café Card, in addition to protection for all Café Card uses, you will automatically qualify for Artisano Bakery Café Rewards benefits. In order to register your Artisano Café Card, it must first be activated at any Artisano Bakery Café location. To participate in the Reward Program, you do not need to load any funds onto the card, although the Café Card can be also be used as your Quick pay (debit) card or Gift Card. You do not need two (2) cards. To register your Artisano Café Card now, go to, click on Café Card and follow the register prompts. You must register your Artisano Café Card to participate in Artisano Rewards.

Once your Artisano Café Card is registered, each time you use your Card to pay for a transaction at participating Artisano Bakery Café locations in Canada you will receive ten (10) points for every dollar (before taxes) excluding catering orders, gift card purchase and Quick Pay (debit) loading. Points are then accumulated in your Artisano Café Card Rewards account for in-store benefits. You can use any Artisano Café Card registered to earn points for your transactions and you can register as many Artisano Café Cards as you wish. However each Café Card is a separate account. They cannot be combined to earn or redeem rewards.

Reward Levels

You must register your Artisano Café Card to participate in Artisano Rewards. Register on line immediately. We require your card number, name, postal code, phone number(s), email address, and birthdate.

Start collecting by presenting your Artisano Café Card to guest services with every purchase. You will earn 10 points for every $1 you spend before taxes. Gift Card purchases, Quickpay (debit) reloads and catering purchases do not count towards reward points.

Once you reach the each reward level, you will automatically earn the designated reward and a voucher will automatically print and be presented to you. The voucher is good on your next purchase. It cannot be used for the purchase that issued the reward voucher was issued. DO NOT LOSE THE VOUCHER. NO REWARD WILL BE HONOURED WITHOUT THE VOUCHER. We are not responsible for any lost voucher once issued. Once you reach the highest level the reward points will reset to zero and begin once again.

Redeeming the Reward Voucher

You must present the voucher to redeem the reward. Guest services will tender the reward and you will receive your free reward. Points will continue to accumulate towards the next reward level. They will not be deducted from your point total until you reach the top reward level. At the next reward level the same process takes place. Once you redeem all the rewards your balance will reset to begin at zero.

All terms and conditions can be found at The reward points have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash. No reward substitutes.

Current Artisano Bakery Café Card holders – YOU DO NOT NEED A NEW CARD

If you currently have an Artisano Bakery Café Card, all you need to do is to register your card to qualify for Artisano Rewards. Your current card will automatically start to collect points for purchases you make but you will not earn the rewards without registering.


There are no membership fees associated with the Artisano Bakery Café Rewards program and points accumulated under the program have no cash value and do not expire except upon termination of the program or inactivity as provided below.

Artisano Bakery Café reserves the right to modify or terminate the Artisano Bakery Café Rewards program and/or these terms and conditions at any time at its discretion and without obligation. Artisano Bakery Café will provide email notice to the email listed on your account or a notice posted on should it modify or terminate the Artisano Bakery Café Rewards program and/or these terms and conditions. Artisano Bakery Café also reserves the right to terminate the Artisano Bakery Café Rewards account of any Card that has been inactive for 18 months. Inactive is defined as no purchase activity. These terms and conditions shall become effective as of the date of registration of your Card.