Order your Festive Turkey Platter Special or Porchetta Special from Artisano Catering

LIMITED TIME: Available from November 25th to December 31.

All of our proteins are locally sourced, nothing is processed and all is made fresh for you and your guests. 

For this Holiday Season, we’re offering a choice of two catered specials:

Festive Turkey Platter Special:
This delicious holiday special includes a platter of sliced turkey breast, stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce. Add appetizers, sides and dessert for a complete holiday feast that’s sure to please all hungry tummies.

Festive Porchetta Special:
Prepared the traditional way, the pork shoulder is cut, flattened, seasoned with Italian herbs and spices, then rolled and string-tied. Our Porchetta is then slow-roasted for hours for a moist and juicy inside and crispy and crunchy outside. This delicious holiday special includes a platter of sliced Porchetta, choice of two small sides and a carrot cake. 

Let Artisano Catering bring the feast this Christmas with our Turkey Breast or Porchetta with Sides and Dessert for a complete meal
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